Keep Powered with Our Car Battery Service

Most drivers surely understand the importance of a properly functioning car battery. If your battery won't hold a charge, has a dead cell, or suffers from any other issue, not only won't you be making it to the destination, most likely you won't even be able to get your car to start. Extreme weather and various other issues can slowly degrade your battery's ability to charge over time, but the problem is that you probably won't know there is an issue until your vehicle won't start.



The Importance of Keeping Up With Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

Your car is capable of producing a lot of power, and with that power comes a lot of heat. Having a well-maintained cooling system and radiator is essential if you don't want your engine to overheat.

If things get too hot under the hood, metals can warp, there could be problems where important connections are made, and your entire engine could start to fail. Any of those situations could mean a big headache, and an expensive one at that. 


Does Your Muffler Need to Be Replaced?

If you have ever heard a car that sounded like a bowling alley on wheels, chances are good that it was in need of a new muffler. It is important to recognize the signs of needing a new muffler or other exhaust system components before your car makes this much noise in the Houston area.

One of the top signs that you need a new muffler is that your car gets louder when you accelerate and quieter when you slow down. An increase in noise could be a problem with some other part of your exhaust system, so it is…


Do You Know The Viscosity Rating of Your Current Motor Oil?

Ask many drivers what the viscosity rating of their current motor oil is and you're likely to get a blank stare. Our service technicians at Momentum Volkswagen of Clear Lake in Houston, TX suggest you take a look at the numbers on your preferred brand of motor oil.

A 10W-30 motor oil means that the oil's viscosity, or rate at which it flows due to its thickness, means the oil has a 10W viscosity when the engine is cold, and 30 when the engine has been running and reaches a high temperature.


Correcting Bad Alignment Is Critical

Every year, thousands of Americans are involved in auto accidents that happen as a result of faulty steering components. The ability to steer a vehicle safely is the single most important aspect of safely operating a car. When steering components begin to wear out and grind towards outright failure, the safety of everyone who rides in the car is at risk.

One of the first clues that most people will have as to the failing condition of their car's steering is subtle alignment issues.


How Does Synthetic Oil Protect Engines?

Developed by petrochemical engineers, synthetic motor oil is specifically designed in the lab to flow properly at low and high engine temperatures. Impurities are reduced to a minimum, and additives offer greater lubrication and reduce break-down and sludge. Engine parts may move thousands of times a minute and synthetic oil keeps them from overheating and seizing.

Oil settles in parked cars, and synthetic oil moves faster than conventional oil on startup. Synthetic oil flows better than conventional oil in cold weather. 


Keep Your Windshield Clean With a Full Washer Reservoir

Staying safe on the road includes keeping your windshield clean to make sure every aspect of the view forward is clear. Keeping windshield washer fluid in the reservoir is always the best option for making sure any windshield in Houston, TX is always clean and clear. This small step can also assist in making sure the parts of the windshield washer system continues to work correctly.

The windshield cleaning system is made up of a series of moving parts, including the fluid reservoir, washer pump, hoses, nozzles, and wipers. 


Bring Awareness to Move Over Laws

Slow down and move over laws are often forgotten by drivers. Some drivers in the Houston, Texas area do not even know about them, but they are important for the safety of others around us. All 50 states in the U.S. have these laws. The law states that when there is a vehicle pulled over with hazards, roadside workers present, or emergency personnel with their lights on, other drivers around them are to slow down 10 to 20 MPH below the speed limit and move over to a further lane, if possible.

When these laws are not followed, people…


Don't Ignore Your Warning Lights

There are a number of warnings that you may get on your dash. Some are not a big deal and others may indicate a more serious problem such as your check engine light.

If you get a message that indicates there is something wrong with your engine, transmission or battery, then you will have to take it to us here at Momentum Volkswagen of Clear Lake to get it taken care of. We will have to run a diagnostic on your vehicle in order to figure out the source of the problem.

Do not ignore the problem because it will…

Tire Rotations Help Your Vehicle Operate Efficiently

Many things can affect how efficiently your car runs. Most people think of issues within the engine of a vehicle as a major cause of inefficiencies but fail to note that things as simple as misaligned tires can and do present an equally hindering impediment to your car as well.

We here at Momentum Volkswagen of Clear Lake in Houston want to be sure that you understand just why tire rotations are so important. Because we usually make the same commute each day, our tires tend to wear in the same spots. Because no one commutes to work in a…

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