How Does Synthetic Oil Protect Engines?

Developed by petrochemical engineers, synthetic motor oil is specifically designed in the lab to flow properly at low and high engine temperatures. Impurities are reduced to a minimum, and additives offer greater lubrication and reduce break-down and sludge. Engine parts may move thousands of times a minute and synthetic oil keeps them from overheating and seizing.

Oil settles in parked cars, and synthetic oil moves faster than conventional oil on startup. Synthetic oil flows better than conventional oil in cold weather. It also resists evaporation and breaks down less in extremely hot conditions. Synthetic oil also retains its smooth lubricating properties longer than conventional oil.

Whether your car endures cold temperatures or you drive in the hottest days of summer, our Volkswagen service department has synthetic and conventional oil to meet your needs. We are located in Houston, TX and stay open during convenient hours.

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