Tire Rotations Help Your Vehicle Operate Efficiently

Many things can affect how efficiently your car runs. Most people think of issues within the engine of a vehicle as a major cause of inefficiencies but fail to note that things as simple as misaligned tires can and do present an equally hindering impediment to your car as well.

We here at Momentum Volkswagen of Clear Lake in Houston want to be sure that you understand just why tire rotations are so important. Because we usually make the same commute each day, our tires tend to wear in the same spots. Because no one commutes to work in a perfectly straight line, we can see greater wear on either one side of the vehicle or just the front or back tires on a vehicle. This can cause the vehicle to run less smoothly and force more fuel to be burned because the car must work harder to get from point A to point B. These additional fuel costs are just the tip of the iceberg for additional costs that you might incur if you fail to regularly rotate your vehicle's tires. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tire rotation give us a call or stop in at Momentum Volkswagen of Clear Lake today!
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